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Where academicians can do research and participants can help!
Welcome to the newly created community, Researchsurveys, which I am hoping will bring researchers and participants together.

To Researchers: Please post here to advertise online surveys for your research needs. You may also post here to ask for local volunteers. In time, I hope the community gets large enough to accommodate local participation.

To Participants: If you are reading this, it most likely means that you enjoy taking surveys, maybe you're bored and looking for something to do, and perhaps as a bonus are interested in helping researchers by participating in our work. For that, we thank you heartily!

Community Rules (to be modified as needed):

1. Be nice to one another. Please respect the Original Poster and their request.

2. Be honest. If a researcher is asking for participants 18+, and you're 16, please don't participate in that particular research. Researchers have specific needs and as much as we love input, sometimes we need to narrow our participant pool. Don't worry though, there will be other opportunities for your voice to be heard!

3. Do not post frivolous surveys or polls, like "What should I have for dinner?" or "Do you like me in these glasses?" Posts like this will be deleted immediately. If you really need those answers, I direct you to ask_me_anything.

4. Please leave posts unlocked, unless we discover that this is a problem. For now, unlocked posts are preferred as to help advertise the community, the surveys, and to avail ourselves to as many participants as possible.

5. Additional rules to be developed as the needs arise. For now, I am the only community moderator. I invite interested parties to contact me if you have input for this community and if you would like to be an additional moderator.

Note: If your field of research is not represented in the Community Interests, please contact me so I can add your specialty.